Busy weekend

Our small group had a fun barbeque this past Saturday.  I was especially excited because I’ve been wanting to barbeque stuff since…well, last summer.  Of course, it was a great opportunity for me to pull out my new camera.  I’m still experimenting with different types of film, so there is a mix of black and white and color.  I’m not too happy with this black and white film (Kodak BW400CN), I liked the quality of photos from TMAX400 much more.  Too bad, I can take BW400CN to the local CVS, but I know of only one place in Houston that can develop TMAX400…boo.   Color film is Kodak Portra 400VC.  I don’t know how I feel about it yet…

Here we go, sharing some photos.  The most ironic part about this post is that I neglected to take photos of the food…which was the whole point of the get-together anyway *doh*

The barbeque was at our club house, so we took full advantage of pool in this ridiculously hot summer heat.  Most of us went into the pool to either play water volleyball, or maybe just hung back to chat.

However, not all of us wanted to go into the pool (myself included).  Some of us just enjoy kicking back…

Afterwards, we went to A and J’s house, and played a game called Monopoly Deal.  G, taking on her natural teacher skills, instructed us on how to play the game.

And then we proceeded to play this game of greed and cunning moves.  Notice how A is sneaking a peek from the right side 😉

Overall, a great time of fellowship with fantastic friends.  I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did…thanks guys!

On Sunday evening, we had a birthday dinner for E.  We went to Fuddruckers, so I figured this was the perfect place to try out some more Portra 400VC since it’s so colorful in there.  The black and white is still BW400CN – had to finish the roll from the barbeque.  Here are some photos:

Last, but not least, my wife!


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