First “Studio” Photo Shoot!

Being the forgetful dummy I am, tonight I finally got around to send out photos I took of a friend’s baby a few months ago for printing (sorry A and J!).  For the sake of killing time (i.e., waiting for my wife to come to bed), I figure I might as well write a little post about this experience.

This experience was a first for me in many ways: shooting in a controlled “studio” environment, strobing off camera flash, and shooting a baby portrait session.   “Studio” is used incredibly loosely here…we shot these photos in my friends’ garage 😀  At first my wife was very skeptical, and understandably so.  But I’ve learned that garage light can be incredibly great for portrait sessions because of the bright, but soft and indirect, light from the sun.  Wish I took a photo of the setup.

I only used one off camera flash for strobing because I didn’t have enough stands for two, or else I would have added a hairlight.  Strobe was camera right, 45 degrees to offset the outdoor light coming from the left.  Major props to A and J who worked really hard too…they had to hold up reflectors for me the entire time since I don’t have any stands or umbrellas.  Holding something up for an hour and a half straight is much more difficult than we’d normally think.  Background was either a piece of black cloth or white formboard.  Of course, all of this was worth it because of the incredibly cute model I got to shoot 😀

Some more technical jibber jabber for those who are interested: Nikon D700, SB-600 camera right 45 degrees, on board flash commander.  Email me if you want to know about the lenses.

Lastly, here’s the happy family!  This photo was taken by a medium format (6×6) film camera – I believe film was Portra 400NC.  Sorry about the lighting, the sun was especially harsh that day 😦  Not the best example of a good portrait from a technical standpoint, but I like the old-school feel of the photo 🙂  Plus, I like my friends 🙂


3 thoughts on “First “Studio” Photo Shoot!

    • Great job Jerry. The portraits looks fantastic! You’re on my list of photographers to go to once I return to Houston. =)

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