When Wife Gives You Lemons…

…you go shoot some photos.  I guess that isn’t as catchy.

Last week, my wife “kicked” me out of the house because she had guests coming over.  She actually didn’t make me leave, but my only other option was watching tv all night in my bedroom, which I really can’t do either.  So, I grabbed two of my cameras and drove out for a few hours during the evening without a clue of where to go or what to shoot.  Thankfully some ideas popped into my head…

First place I went to was this grassy area near 610 and Braeswood.  Sadly, it’s one of the largest patches of greenery in Houston that I know of.  I’m not a big scenery shooter, but I rather like the way this first photo turned out:

This is why medium format rocks my socks off.  A lot easier for photos with subject isolation and precise DOF.  Plus, the viewfinder looks amazing…although the image that appears is backwards.  It still throws me off and makes me dizzy o_O  Details: Zenza Bronica S2, Portra 400VC, and uh…I don’t remember which lens.  If I had to guess, the Nikkor 13.5cm f/3.5 .

Next, I went to a church on Main St., actually turns out to be right across the street from where I play basketball on Saturday mornings.  It was moody and terrifyingly creepy, and I tried to reflect it in a few of these photos.  Coincidentally, it actually started raining and thundering while I was there.  o_O!!

Details: Nikon D700 and fun glass 😉

Honestly though, my favorite photo subjects are people, especially friends.  For me, the most beautiful sceneries, flowers, wildlife, etc. will never beat portraits and/or candids of people captured in a photo which reflects their personality or that moment – a photo that tells you a story of what is happening with them in that moment.  For example, my friends D and C were married this past weekend, and I hope they’ll cherish some of these photos from that day…


Details: D700, fun glass 🙂

By the way, if you’re taking photos at a wedding, never get in the way of the hired professional.  I felt so bad for the hired professional in this wedding…there was one person who walked right in front of the professional’s camera countless times to snap his own shot.  No good!

Honestly, I’m just writing all of this to keep up with a habit so this website won’t become cyberspace driftwood.  Hope you guys enjoyed some of these photos 🙂

If you’re interested, there are more photos from each outing on my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/panda81


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