Behind The Scenes – Worship Practice

The last two weeks, I had the privilege to play for our Sunday morning worship.  I was surrounded by incredibly talented musicians – I really wasn’t sure what I was doing there myself 🙂

However, I thought I would take advantage of the situation, and use a photojournalistic approach to show of some behind-the-scenes moments of how these talented folks prepare for Sunday morning worship.  I’ll try to keep the text to a minimum, just a few captions to describe what’s going on.  I hope the photos can express something by themselves.  Since these photos are taken over the course of two weeks, different people might appear to play the same instruments or roles.

Our practice was scheduled for Friday evenings for both weeks.  Friday evenings are precious times to give up, but these people are dedicated.  They arrive at church ready for hard work.

Musicians (not comprehensive due to lack of pictures, sorry!):

Esther and Jeremy.  Both are college students back at home for the summer, and both with some of the most incredible vocals I’ve ever heard.   If only you could hear them through pictures…

Anny, one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and makes a piano sound like the way you think music will be in heaven.

James – a great guy, friend, (ex) roommate.  He’s amazing on the keys, but also has talents and skills with several  different instruments o_O  Music flows through his veins.

Daniel – I met him for the first time when playing with these folks, but there’s no doubt his sixth sense is a metronome.

Isaque – such a nice, helpful guy with a beautiful family.  His music skills?  Well, he teaches guitar at New Heart Music Ministries…enough said 😉  (although you would never tell from his humble behavior)

Peter – our humble leader.  We all love him, he commands our attention through his servant heart.  Here he is exemplifying (what I believe should be) worship:

Practice Session

Our fearless leader (with his supportive wife) telling us about the songs he chose, why he chose them, and how he hopes people will be blessed through them.

And the others intently analyzing and discussing how to play the songs.

Sunday Morning Breakfast

There’s something special about sharing a meal together.  I don’t know what it is, but breaking bread together with brothers and sisters makes us grow closer.  Peter generously treats us to breakfast on Sunday morning before practice, not only for the sake of providing food, but more for the purpose of this bonding time.

Ellie, Peter’s mother-in-law, another worship leader, and also our pastor’s wife, joins us on Sunday morning as well to encourage us.


As with all ministry, nothing is effective without prayer.  Peter reminds us to always start and end with prayer.  It’s only God who makes things happen, no one else.

Unfortunately, this is all I have for now.  Perhaps I will be able to share some more if I can join in again in the future.  Hope you have enjoyed this. 🙂


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