New lenses

New lenses mean one thing: need more opportunities to go shooting.  Okay, maybe it means a few more things than that.  Actually, in this case, it does.  New lenses were acquired by selling other ones.  So that means now, I don’t have any more autofocus and/or zoom lenses.  Kind of funny, with all of this technological advancement, I feel like the best equipment for me still ends up being the ones with the least bells and whistles.

One of my new lenses is a 28mm prime.  I’m in love with it already.  I brought it to a birthday party last weekend, and it was perfect for the setting.  Wide angle on full frame, close focusing.  Aperture opens only to f/2 though…wish it were faster.  Nikon seriously needs to get their butt into gear and release a 24 or 28/1.4.

A few from the party:

Since the wifey is out of town these few days, I also dropped by Hermann Park for a little photo walk.  I’ve been to Hermann many times now, and honestly…I’m kind of uninspired.  (One of my friends mentioned that I sounded almost a little bitter in a previous post because I complained about how there’s nothing interesting to shoot in Houston…heh, I don’t intentionally do it!  But maybe it’s something subconscious o_O ).  But, like the assignment I mentioned before, sometimes we need to force ourselves in a “normal” looking setting and use your creativity to make something interesting out of it.  (That’s why I love taking pictures of babies – nothing ever normal!  They’re always adorable!)  So, here are a few of my attempts at making something look more interesting…

What do you think?  Let me know!

Hope you guys enjoyed looking 🙂


7 thoughts on “New lenses

  1. yeah, HP is not very fun anymore…haha. i’ve been trying to figure out new places to go in houston. let me know if you want to go out some weekend and shoot!

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