Supermom Family Portraits

Over a year ago, I made a friend by selling her a camera lens.  No, I’m not kidding.  Funny how these things happen, huh?  This girl is super-mom – working a full time consulting job (hard loooooong hours) to help support her husband through med school, and then coming home to take care of two babies!  I was really excited at the chance to help take photos for her when she contact me two weeks ago for taking pictures over the holidays.  I always look forward to more picture opportunities, especially portraits.  This time though, it was double the excitement because I get to use another new toy I bought recently =D  Unfortunately we were constrained on time, so I couldn’t set up any super cool strobing.  But, hopefully the family will still enjoy the pictures.  Anyway, onto the photos because I’m no good at this writing stuff 🙂


1 thought on “Supermom Family Portraits

  1. Jerry, I didn’t realize you had a posting about our photo shoot until I stumbled across it today. We still love looking back at these photos every once in a while. Tracy’s picture s still the wallpaper on my laptop =)

    You might not know it but you and your work of art are truly inspirational to me. Always looking forward to your new captures.

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