Babies Change Lives

With our baby’s due date starting to creep up, my wife and I constantly receive great advice from experienced parents about how much babies will change your life.  Your work schedule, personal life, social life, relationships with other relatives, other priorities you have in your life – everything is changed.  The last few weeks, I had the chance to take photos of friends’ babies who were born only within the last few months.  I think the most touching thing is being able to see firsthand the love and care the parents have for baby.  Warmth just exudes through every moment and interaction, but it’s so remarkable to see the different ways each parent expresses it to their child.  I wanted to do my best to capture those moments in these photos.  I only had about an hour for each of these sessions, so hopefully their parents will let me come back for some more in the future (cough cough hint hint).

First shots are of Joey (parents P and J), only one month old when these photos were taken.  He’s so tiny and cute, but my goodness, I think he has more hair than me already!  Only caught a few shots I was happy with during the short time frame, but hopefully they will speak for themselves.  Technical mumbo jumbo for those interested:  Nikon D700, 50mm, SB-600 ~30-45 degrees camera right using 36″ shoot-through umbrella, black cloth background.

Next set are of Clara (parents R and C), adooooorable little girl about 3.5 months.  Poor Clara, I think she was a little scared of me.   I don’t blame her though, this was the only the second time I met her, and who’s this guy lugging around all this big old stuff crowding around?!?!  Speaking of changed lives, I could hardly contain my laughter when I saw daddy Mr. Serious RQ jumping and chirping around like a monkey (no, LITERALLY like a monkey!!) trying to amuse his daughter.  Anyone who knows daddy will probably have their jaw drop like I did…=D  Technical mumbo jumbo: indoor stuff – D700, 50mm, SB-800 through 22″ softbox camera right, SB-600 camera left with 36″ shoot-through umbrella angled just to slightly light up background, photos taken on a bed.  Outdoor – D700, 200mm, no strobes.

Last, but not least, I also had the chance to take a nice photo for yet another family in the past week.  Since I think they might use it for their Christmas photo, my wife said I probably shouldn’t post it up because people will see the picture before actually getting the card from the family.  So, I thought I would put up a very politically correct drawing of what the photo looks like if people are interested in the technical setup of taking this type of photo.  Technical mumbo jumbo: D700, 200mm, SB-800 in 22″ softbox on right, SB-600 in 22″ softbox on left for even lighting.

Dan Baker, maybe you can help me with my artwork.


1 thought on “Babies Change Lives

  1. Hey jers–these are amazing, as usual. I love the contrast of the dark and the light…so much depth to the photos. *sigh* Someday when I have a baby I would totally want to have you photograph for us. Hopefully we’ll live closer by then! 😉 Keep up the good work.


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