Lighting Monkeys

Finally, a chance (and inspired again) to post something.

A while back, I thought it would be fun to help some friends learn to use their camera better.  That never came to fruition for several reasons, but here’s to a renewed attempt at sharing photos and ideas on how to improve our photography.

Light is the most important factor in creating an evocative photo.  It seems like an obvious statement, but let’s admit it, all of us interested in photography has been caught up with other details at some point.  Usually associated with justifying new stuff 🙂  Nevertheless, how light affects your photo should always be the first thing you pay attention to before even lifting the camera to your eye.

Sometimes people ask me why I prefer black and white photos over color.  Without using any cheesy catchphrases, I think b&w photos highlight (ha!) how light was used in the photo without the distractions of color.  For example, here is a photo I love that could have been taken by almost any camera + lens setup.

The key here is the light, falling gently on my baby’s face, and a graceful transition to the dark background.  The low contrast and soft light parallel the quiet, peaceful comfort on the baby’s face.  The color version wouldn’t nearly have been as effective because of the colors from Mom’s shirt and baby’s bib.

It’s a shame this scene doesn’t come around too often 🙂

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